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Using Canva to make your own SVG’S to use in Design Space!

Have you ever wanted to MAKE YOUR OWN SVG’S to be able to use in Design Space or to convert any picture you save to an SVG with just a few simple clicks?? Well, we have the perfect tool for you!!

Canva is an AMAZING editing tool & your one stop shop for digital images! Their pro version has THOUSANDS of pre-made images, fonts, & templates ready for you to use in your next design/project! You can make everything from logo’s, flyers, business cards, t-shirt’s, & so much more! You can edit photos & videos, easily remove the background of your pics, & so much more with their PRO version!!!


PLEASE NOTE: To follow along with this tutorial & to make our own SVG’s, you must have the PRO (paid) version of Canva!
BUT if you want to try it out to see if it’ a good fit for you or your business, you can try their PRO version for FREE for 30 days! (Valid for new customers only & you must cancel your pro plan before the 30 days is up to avoid any fees!)

Note: They do offer a free account as well, but in order to get access to thousands of their premium images, templates, their content planner & brand kit, background remover for photos, among other great features, you must have the PRO version. (It’s SO worth it for any designer, crafter, or small business owner!!)

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To try out CANVA PRO for free for 30 days CLICK HERE or click the ad below!


1. Open Canva & click the purple “Create A Design” button in the top right corner of their site. Choose your template size (or manually enter in your own size).
TIP: Unless you are going to use the entire design in design space, the size of your template doesn’t matter, because you can easily remove the background & only your image will save!
(SVG’S are high quality images that will remain clear when made bigger or smaller so for an SVG sizing doesn’t usually matter)

2. Make your design! Have fun, be creative, & explore all their tools to make your design as amazing as possible!

3. Once you are satisfied with your design/image, click the WHITE “Share” button in the top right corner and scroll down & click “Download”.

4. Scroll through the image formats options & select SVG. Make sure “transparent background” has a check next to it, unless you want your entire image to be used!
Your screen should like the screen shown below:

5. Click the PURPLE “Download” button.

6. After you see the image was successfully downloaded to your computer, open up Design Space & click “New Project” (or open an existing project where you want the image to be used.

7. Click “Upload” (the last option across the left sidebar) as circled in the pic below:

8. Find the image you just downloaded and select it.

9. If your image looks the way you want it to, name it, and click the GREEN “Upload” button as circled in the pic below:

10. Now your image should be the first image listed under your “Upload Images” screen.

11. Select your image (there will be a green box around your image if it’s properly selected shown by the arrow below) and click the GREEN “Add to Canvas” button as circled in the image below:

Now you image should be successfully uploaded into your canvas like shown in the example below:

12. Now if you were to just go straight to the “Make It” screen from here, your image may end up looking a mess on the mat like the image shown below:

If this happens, simply go BACK to your canvas, select everything you want to be grouped together (either the whole image or done in sections) & click “ATTACH” from the edit options on the right sidebar as circled in the pic below:

13. Now your image should look how you want it to cut on the mat & it’s ready for tou to start cutting & creating!!!

This is how your “prepare” screen should look like (but with your image instead):


If you want to SAVE any image as an SVG, simply upload it to your design in CANVA & follow the same process to SAVE it as an SVG (or other popular picture formats!)

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