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Where to get FREE SVG’S & Fonts

One of the most commonly asked questions we see in all of the Cricut Facebook groups that we are in is asking for “picture dumps” (or picture collections of images that they plan to use in design space) And although we have been able to manually “clean up” a good handful of the images that we have found on FB & google, it won’t work for many of those images.

When you download an SVG file directly from a website, it’ll also come already separated by layers of color, so after you inzip the file, it’s ready for you to cut with your Cricut!

(We will be posting a step by step tutorial on how to download these svgs, “unzip” them on your computer, and upload them into Design Space very soon, so keep an eye on the blog posts!)

If you go to the sites listed below & search for what you are looking for, chances are good you will find any image or font for free that your crafting heart desires!

Don’t forget if you are a Cricut access member, they have thousands of images and fonts included with your subscription!

Not an access member? Click here to join!

So what exactly is an SVG?

SVG=Scalable Vector Graphics is an image format for two-dimensional graphics. SVG images are defined in a vector graphics format and stored in XML text files and the file name will end in .svg.

SVG’s are one of the main file format that is accepted to use within Design Space (the design program that you use with your Cricut machines). This is because SVG’s are high quality images & they maintain their high quality even when made bigger or smaller. (JPEG, PNG & other file formats will become pixelated once you change the sizing or adjust the image)

All these links below are for websites or blogs that offer free SVG’s for your Cricut or other cutting machine! There’s also tons of great resources on some of those sites like project ideas, tutorials, DIY stuff, & more!

Please note that some of these websites require you to make a (FREE) account in order to get access to their files, some will send you a “password” to get access to their free images, and some will send the freebies right to your inbox!

Also note that most of these sites do offer paid SVG images & fonts as well, but we are only including sites on this list that also offer free stuff as well! (We have personally checked each of these sites listed to confirm that each one of them have “freebies”!)

PLEASE READ: Make sure you pay attention to the licensing agreement on each product/site. Keep in mind that many of the free images found on these sites come with only a personal use license, but you can purchase a commercial license for almost every image. Just read each websites “privacy policy” for specifics!

Most common types of licenses:

Commercial use-you can use the design on a product and sell it for a profit/make money on it. Please note each companies policy when it comes to licensing because some of them offer limited amount of items made with their commercial license.

Limited commercial use-you can make a specified amount of this design to sell it. You can find specifics in the fine print when it tells you the licensing agreement.

Personal use-you can use the design ONLY for personal use. Meaning you can make items using the image or font for yourself, or for gifts to friends & family. You cannot legally make money on this design without purchasing the “commercial license” or getting specific permission from the artist/designer/website. Note: Most “personal use” designs come with the option to purchase the “commercial” license to be able to legally sell the design!


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