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Using Epoxy & UV Resin!


What are epoxies and resins?

  • Epoxies and resins are chemicals that can form a hard, strong surface when they cure. They are often used in two-part glues or surface coatings. As epoxies cure, they generally turn into much less toxic polymers.
  • These chemicals include styrene, methyl methacrylate, epoxy resins, vinyl chloride, and others.

Why be concerned about exposure?

  • Some of the chemicals in this group have been linked with an increased risk for fertility problems, miscarriage, stillbirth, and birth defects.
  • We do not know what levels of these agents are safe for pregnant women.
  • Keep in mind that smelling or not smelling a chemical doesn’t mean you are safe or not safe. Harmful levels of chemicals cannot always be smelled, and some much less hazardous chemicals have an odor.
    For more info visit: Epoxies and Resins

Resin is not only so much FUN to play with, but you can create so many beautiful things from memory keepsakes to teachers appreciation gifts or even a bookmark for yourself, the possibilities of what you can make are ENDLESS!!
Project Ideas are at the BOTTOM of this post!

This post contains some affiliate links for your shopping convenience & we may make a commission if you shop using our links (at no extra cost to you). For more info see our privacy policy. Thank you for supporting our crafting community!

Epoxy/UV resin can not only be used to make MANY different items but it can also be used to seal things such as vinyl on top of a keychain or putting a glittery/shiny coat on items such as cups, pens, badge reels, so many options!!

When starting out with epoxy/uv resin if you have no supplies at all or youd just like to have a good variety of supplies/decorations to start with, the best way is to get a “kit” or “bundle”. There are tons of great options with great reviews on Amazon!

CLICK HERE to check out EPOXY resin kits on Amazon.

CLICK HERE to check out UV resin kits on Amazon.

CLICK HERE to shop DOLLAR TREE for decorations, silicone items, parchment paper, and more!!

CLICK HERE to shop our favorite resin brand Alumilite!

Materials Needed:

Epoxy/UV resin
safety equipment
safety goggles

silicone molds
mixing sticks (popsicle sticks work great too!)
grill lighter or toothpicks (for popping or getting rid of bubbles)
silicone mat (or something to put down on your work surface & possibly the floor to avoid resin spills as its VERY hard to get off anything including your hands!)
embellishments/decorations to add to your resin (the possibilities are ENDLESS!)

Some ideas:
gold/silver foil flakes
-sand, shells, rocks
DRIED pressed flowers (MUST BE dried because fresh flowers will rot inside the resin and release water over time)
vinyl (cut out made with your Cricut machine!)
-crystals, gemstones, & stones
-beads, pearls
-household items (such as safety pins, push pins, crayons, Legos, etc)
-polymer clay objects
alcohol ink
mica powder
-acrylic items
acrylic paint


silicone tip applicator brush (they sell these in the beauty aisle or online at Dollar Tree!)
baby wipes/paper towels (to help clean up messes)
rubbing alcohol (put in small spray bottle to lightly mist the top of your projects to get rid of bubbles, this also can help remove resin from unwanted places)
silicone mixing cups
Dremel or sandpaper for sanding, polishing or correcting

Our Best Resin Tips!

-Work in a well-ventilated area (Resin is toxic and direct contact should be avoided so always protect yourself!! It is also known to cause headaches and can cause long term problems that go unnoticed so protect yourself from the beginning! Always remember just because you can’t smell it or see it, doesn’t mean the fumes aren’t there!!

EPOXY Resin starts the curing process as soon as it’s mixed so work quickly for best results! It helps to have all your tools and decorations laid out BEFORE you even touch the resin!

-Do not touch your resin until it’s fully cured (usually about 24-48 hours for epoxy and about 5 minutes under a UV light for UV resin, but each brand can differ)

-Avoid direct sunlight (it cures it faster!)

-Try to work & let the resin cure in an area that’s room temperature (not too hot or cold because either of these can prevent your resin from curing properly)

-Let your UV/epoxy sit in warm water before you use to help reduce bubbles and make it easier to work with, REMEMBER this reduces your work time so YOU MUST work quickly after!

Mix resin slowly to avoid bubbles and scrape the sides and bottom often when mixing to get best results

-Mix until you see no more “Swirls” in the mix AT ALL, usually about 2-3 minutes, but read your resins directions to be exact

-Pour resin slowly down the side of your mold to get less bubbles

-For most projects, pour one layer of resin just covering the mold, add decorations, then top with more resin until filled (you want resin on the BOTTOM otherwise you may not have a smooth even coat on your project!)

-If you want to add vinyl you cut out with your Cricut machine to your project, you can follow the method above or stick it to your project when it’s done & cured (& then add resin over that to seal your design!)

-UV resin cures as soon as it gets hit with UV light

-Running a grill lighter across the resin surface helps bring bubbles to the surface and pops them or a blow dryer would work too!!

-Using a heat gun can melt silicone molds, so be careful not going to close to your mold when using & don’t use longer than 1-2 minutes at a time.

-Let each layer of your piece dry to have a “layered” effect (usually about 4-5 hours between each “layer”)

-ALWAYS read the directions your resin comes with as they all have different cure times, demold times, etc

-Use a little leftover resin from each batch of resin you mix to make something small so you can use that piece as a guide to see how long the resin takes to cure/dry without having to risk touching your other pieces when they’re not fully dry and leaving smudges/fingerprints in them

-Put alcohol in a spray bottle and spray a few times on the surface to get rid of any bubbles

-Let your resin cure somewhere where it will be undisturbed by ANYTHING, this includes dust, so if left outside you can cover it with cardboard to keep dust, dirt, and debris away from your pieces

-Make sure your “cure area” is a level surface

-Always protect not only yourself but your work area & possibly the floor too. Parchment paper and or a silicone mat work great!

-Keep food and drinks away from your resin work area

Dollar Tree sells TONS of silicone items you can use to practice with such as ice cube trays!

-If using plastic molds, you will most likely need mold release

Not all resins are created equal! Make sure you use the kind for the results you want (such as using deep pour resin for bigger projects)

-Make sure you always measure exact amounts!  Getting a scale or several silicone mixing cups can help with this!

-When adding something to your resin to add color such as with acrylic paints, alcohol ink, mica powder, etc make sure you use SMALL AMOUNTS as too much will interfere with the curing of your item. Try to stick to about 1 part color to 10 parts of resin

-Silicone molds can collect dust, use duct tape or some type of sticky item to make sure nothing is on them before each use

-All resin turns yellow over time, some just do it faster than others. One way you can test for this is to make an extra piece with your resin and put it in direct sunlight for over 24 hours after its cured

-You may make mistakes, it’s a learning process but it’s truly not as hard as it looks or seems and most mistakes can be fixed!!

Most resin mistakes are fixable!! You could take a blow dryer (or heat gun) to soften your project to add more resin or simply sand it and put resin over after)

Sand projects for a nice finish by hand or using a Dremel. Sand a little from the entire project to get the most even surface over the whole project. After this, you can do one last coat with resin over your project to give it a finishing shine (WEAR SAFETY GEAR DURING THIS!)

Don’t let children or animals around resin. Not only will that avoid little fingerprints and animal hair on your projects, but it is toxic, so better be safe than sorry, unless they are wearing safety gear as well

-Avoid touching anything you wouldn’t want resin on while working/handling your resin (your face/body, clothing, surfaces, animals, food/drinks

-Store your resin away from light in a room temperature location preferably in a dry, dark place, in between uses. Make sure the lid is screwed on properly as well.

-Some resin is food safe after a certain time, but most aren’t. Read your resin’s specifics. No resin is dishwasher or microwave safe though.

But the best piece of advice we have is….

Play around, experiment. test yourself and your limits, and create some beautiful handmade items!!!

Things you might hear beginning your resin journey…

CURE TIME=how long your piece takes to fully dry and harden (can be up to a month in some cases)
DEMOLD TIME=minimum time you need to wait before taking your resin out of the silicone mold
1:1 Mix Ratio=1 equal part resin and hardener, so for example if you wanted 200mL of resin to work with, you’d use 100mL resin & 100mL hardener

PPE-Personal Protective Equipment
-safety goggles
-ventilator mask
-gloves (Nitrile is best)
-protected clothing and work surface


Project Ideas

-personalized gifts
-memorial piece
-coasters & coaster sets
-teacher appreciation gift
-family trip memory piece
-photo keepsake
-flower preservation keepsake
-jewelry (bracelets, rings)
-hair barrettes
-phone cases

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How to write with Cricut Pens on Cricut Machines!

**This post contains affiliate links, and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after purchasing with our links, at no extra cost to you! As an Amazon Affiliate we earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for supporting our crafting community! See our privacy policy for more info.

Cricut markers are also available on their site &
they go on sale all the time at Cricut’s Shop or on Amazon!

Step-By-Step Directions:

NOTE: These directions & screenshots are based on using Design Space with an IPhone (IOS Device) so there may be a few slight differences when using the desktop version.

1. Open Design Space and click “new project”.

2. Click “Text” from the options along the bottom of your screen.

3. To make it easier to find “writing fonts” click the circle with the three lines next to the text box where it says “Search Fonts” towards the top of your screen, as circled in the picture below.

4. Click the fourth option down that says “Writing” and there should now we a check mark on the right side of “writing” as shown in the picture below. Click the < arrow to go back to the fonts or “Clear Filters” to start over.

5. Select the font that you’d like to use.

6. Type your word out and make sure it’s selected (green box will be around it).

7. Click “Edit” form the options on the bottom of your screen.

8. Click the icon you see above “Style” and click “Writing” (as shown in the image below) & now you should see a checkmark next to the “Writing” option.

9. Still under the “edit” options scroll to the right and find “Operation” it may either say “cut” or draw”, either way click it, as shown in the image below

**If you see a warning message that says “Project Incompatible” click “Change”**

10. From the drop down menu at the top of your screen, if it says “cut” or anything besides “Pen” click the arrow and change the option to “Pen”. As shown in the images below

11. You can select your pens thickness across the top (.04 is the smallest tip and 1.0 is the biggest) and then choose your color. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what color you choose because your Cricut machine doesn’t know that, but it’s easiest to just stick to using the right settings for the right markers.

12. Select the color you want (same as above rule about Cricut not knowing the difference in what color pens you actually use, but its helpful for projects with multiple colors if you just choose the correct color)

13. Click the green “Apply” in the right corner.

When you are satisfied with your project & you are ready to “Make It”, you can select everything you want to stay together and click the “Attach” options from the “Actions” panel as shown in the picture below.

TIP: If your font looks like the image below and needs to be filled in, make sure “Writing” is selected in the “Style”.

**Also note that some fonts won’t fill in this way and you need to fill them in on a desktop version of design space. Check youtube for videos on how to do that!

Your Cricut will instruct you to insert a pen into your machine.

CLICK HERE for our video on how to install Cricut Pens into Cricut Explore Air 2 machine!

CLICK HERE for our video on how to install Cricut Pens into Cricut Joy machine!

You can get off brand ones from amazon, I personally love the XINART brand of mats & markers, just read reviews and pay attention to ratings!

You can get extra fine point pens, fine point pens, gel pens, glitter gel pens, or markers to have a variety of different colors and thicknesses!

Experiment with the “Draw” option and change some images from “cut” to “pen” to see how they look!

Most images turn into an outline but some of them look amazing that way!

Have fun & happy crafting!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns send us an email at

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Dollar Tree Cricut & Craft Must Haves, Dupes, & Blank Items

Dollar Tree is one of our favorite places to shop! I know we all hate that they have raised their price from $1 each item to now $1.25 an item, BUT good news is that they were able to bring in SO many new products because of this!

DT has quickly become a crafters paradise with everything ranging from their own version of popular Cricut tools (weeding tool, spatula, etc) to materials (cardstock, vinyl, leather, etc) and they have SO many options of blank items ready for you to personalize (from glassware to shirts & everything in between!).

If you can’t find a specific item in store, you may be able to order it online! Some of their products online require you to order in bulk (anywhere from 10 to 25 pieces minimum) but not everything is like that, so check out their website by clicking our affiliate link HERE!

We have gathered a list of our favorite Dollar Tree tools & separated them by categories!

Don’t see your favorite item on the list? Send us an email at so we can add it to the list! We will add more items as we find them!



  • Piercing tool (Works great in place of the weeding tool)
  • Roller Cutter (Make cutting your vinyl quick & easy!)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun & Hot Glue Sticks
  • Embossing Tool (Perfect for making rolled flowers!)
  • Sewing Needle Sets
  • Craft Clamps (perfect for holding your rolls together while your cutting vinyl off a roll)
  • Finger Protectors (perfect for when using hot glue gun to avoid burning your fingerprints off!)
  • Cutting Mat
  • Ruler/Tape Measure
  • Glue & residue eraser (great for getting stubborn stickers off items)
  • Wood Carving Tool Set
  • Binder Clips (perfect for storing your mats on the wall)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Slap Bracelets (perfect for keeping your vinyl rolls together and rolled tight


  • Vinyl (Cutting tip: cut on BLUE MAT on “Washi sheet” setting on explore/maker machines, or “laser copy paper” on joy machine; use big bold letters & bigger shapes, avoid small lines & tiny letters)
  • Cardstock
  • Faux Leather
  • Foam Sheets
  • Felt Sheets
  • Fabric
  • Iron-On Patches
  • Glitter
  • Gemstones/Diamonds
  • Paint
  • Glue (many different types)
  • Yarn & Thread


  • Storage Containers (many different shapes & sizes)
  • Baskets
  • Pencil & Brush organizer
  • Tool boxes (perfect for holding craft tools)
  • Nail Polish Remover Bottle (perfect for putting rubbing alcohol)
  • Rubbing Alcohol (to fill your bottle)
  • Cotton Rounds (for cleaning your projects before applying vinyl)
  • Shower caddy (perfect for holding vinyl rolls!)
  • Baby Snack Containers (perfect for your weeding scraps & works great getting the pieces off your weeding tool!)
  • Squeeze bottles
  • Holiday Items


  • Burnish/Scraper tool
  • Weeding tool
  • Spatula Tool
  • Clear Shelf Liner (used in place of transfer tape)

BLANK ITEMS (ready for personalization!)

  • Glassware (cups, bowls, plates, casserole dishes)
  • Cups, Mugs,
  • Blank Shirts
  • Blank Hats
  • Blank Kitchen Items (Pizza pans, squirt bottles, napkin holders, plastic chopping mats, etc)
  • Oven Mitts & Holders
  • Wood items
  • Blank Canvases
  • Blank Metal Items (signs, round circles, etc)
  • Backpacks, Purses, & Bags
  • Pencil Holders/ School Supply items (notebooks, pencil cases, etc)
  • Picture Frames
  • Shadow Boxes (Most of these will have a design already on the front, just take some rubbing alcohol on a cotton round & gently wipe it away!)
  • Blank Wreaths
  • Jars
  • Nightlights
  • Blank Customizable Wreaths
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Spiral Betty Tutorial

We will be learning about how to make the popular “Spiral Betty” design & how to get it into Design Space!

Our Spiral Betty Design:


What exactly is a spiral betty?

This is a fun concept where you convert an image into a single spiral line, similar to the grooves in a vinyl record.

They also have other design options available besides the spiral design, like lines & dots!

Step-By-Step Directions:

Keep in mind, we used an IPHONE so some of the steps may be slightly different if your using Android or a desktop (If the step number is has a * next to it, that step may be different for android or desktop users!)

1. Go to

2. Click the circle that says “+ UPLOAD IMAGE

3*. Click “Photo Library” to go to your phones camera roll.

4. Click the image you want to use.

5. Click “Choose” in the bottom right corner.

6. Move your image around until you get it how you want it WITHIN the purple circle & when your satisfied click the CHECK MARK. (you can use the horizontal scroll bar on the screen to zoom in and out on your picture)

7. Click the second option from the images pictured at the bottom of your screen. (the first black & white option).

8. Next to your spiral betty, click the 3rd circle down the list on the right side (the symbol is a box with an arrow)

(TIP: you can click the trash can on the top to start over with a new image)

*** It makes this image easier to use with your Cricut machine if you put a check mark in the “CLEAR BACKGROUND” box so you don’t manually have to do that when you upload the image in Design Space)***

9. Click “PNG” and click “Download

10. It should now say “Do you want to download “spiralbetty_############.png”? (thats the name of your picture) Click the right option “Download”.

11. Close up spiral betty’s website & open up Design Space.

12. Click “New Project

13.* From the options on the bottom, click “Upload

14.* “Browse Files” from the list.

15.* Scroll on the “Downloads” screen to find your image (scroll down to the S’s & they are named spiral betty with some numbers) & click your spiral betty image.


16.* Click on the first option “Remove” from the icons across the bottom of your screen.

17.* Select ONE blank/white space on the photo to make it remove the background. (now your image should look how you want it to in the box “guide” in the top right of your screen.

18.* Click the GREEN “Next” button in the top right corner of your screen when your satisfied with how your image looks

(if you accidently click the wrong area, simply click the “Undo” button)

19. The top of your screen should now say “Refine” you can just click the GREEN “Next” button in the top right corner of your screen and skip this step.

20. The top of your screen should now say “Prepare to Upload”, Click the image on the LEFT that says “Cut” and name your image whatever you’d like & click the GREEN “Save” button in the top right corner of your screen.

21. Resize the image however you’d like! (for it to be a full sheet, size it to 11.4)


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Using Canva to make your own SVG’S to use in Design Space!

Have you ever wanted to MAKE YOUR OWN SVG’S to be able to use in Design Space or to convert any picture you save to an SVG with just a few simple clicks?? Well, we have the perfect tool for you!!

Canva is an AMAZING editing tool & your one stop shop for digital images! Their pro version has THOUSANDS of pre-made images, fonts, & templates ready for you to use in your next design/project! You can make everything from logo’s, flyers, business cards, t-shirt’s, & so much more! You can edit photos & videos, easily remove the background of your pics, & so much more with their PRO version!!!


PLEASE NOTE: To follow along with this tutorial & to make our own SVG’s, you must have the PRO (paid) version of Canva!
BUT if you want to try it out to see if it’ a good fit for you or your business, you can try their PRO version for FREE for 30 days! (Valid for new customers only & you must cancel your pro plan before the 30 days is up to avoid any fees!)

Note: They do offer a free account as well, but in order to get access to thousands of their premium images, templates, their content planner & brand kit, background remover for photos, among other great features, you must have the PRO version. (It’s SO worth it for any designer, crafter, or small business owner!!)

This post contains affiliate links, which means we may be compensated (at no extra cost to you!) when purchases are made through our links. Thak you for supporting our crafting community! See our privacy policy for more info.

To try out CANVA PRO for free for 30 days CLICK HERE or click the ad below!


1. Open Canva & click the purple “Create A Design” button in the top right corner of their site. Choose your template size (or manually enter in your own size).
TIP: Unless you are going to use the entire design in design space, the size of your template doesn’t matter, because you can easily remove the background & only your image will save!
(SVG’S are high quality images that will remain clear when made bigger or smaller so for an SVG sizing doesn’t usually matter)

2. Make your design! Have fun, be creative, & explore all their tools to make your design as amazing as possible!

3. Once you are satisfied with your design/image, click the WHITE “Share” button in the top right corner and scroll down & click “Download”.

4. Scroll through the image formats options & select SVG. Make sure “transparent background” has a check next to it, unless you want your entire image to be used!
Your screen should like the screen shown below:

5. Click the PURPLE “Download” button.

6. After you see the image was successfully downloaded to your computer, open up Design Space & click “New Project” (or open an existing project where you want the image to be used.

7. Click “Upload” (the last option across the left sidebar) as circled in the pic below:

8. Find the image you just downloaded and select it.

9. If your image looks the way you want it to, name it, and click the GREEN “Upload” button as circled in the pic below:

10. Now your image should be the first image listed under your “Upload Images” screen.

11. Select your image (there will be a green box around your image if it’s properly selected shown by the arrow below) and click the GREEN “Add to Canvas” button as circled in the image below:

Now you image should be successfully uploaded into your canvas like shown in the example below:

12. Now if you were to just go straight to the “Make It” screen from here, your image may end up looking a mess on the mat like the image shown below:

If this happens, simply go BACK to your canvas, select everything you want to be grouped together (either the whole image or done in sections) & click “ATTACH” from the edit options on the right sidebar as circled in the pic below:

13. Now your image should look how you want it to cut on the mat & it’s ready for tou to start cutting & creating!!!

This is how your “prepare” screen should look like (but with your image instead):


If you want to SAVE any image as an SVG, simply upload it to your design in CANVA & follow the same process to SAVE it as an SVG (or other popular picture formats!)

Any questions, comments, or concerns, send us an e-mail at