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Using Canva to make your own SVG’S to use in Design Space!

Have you ever wanted to MAKE YOUR OWN SVG’S to be able to use in Design Space or to convert any picture you save to an SVG with just a few simple clicks?? Well, we have the perfect tool for you!!

Canva is an AMAZING editing tool & your one stop shop for digital images! Their pro version has THOUSANDS of pre-made images, fonts, & templates ready for you to use in your next design/project! You can make everything from logo’s, flyers, business cards, t-shirt’s, & so much more! You can edit photos & videos, easily remove the background of your pics, & so much more with their PRO version!!!


PLEASE NOTE: To follow along with this tutorial & to make our own SVG’s, you must have the PRO (paid) version of Canva!
BUT if you want to try it out to see if it’ a good fit for you or your business, you can try their PRO version for FREE for 30 days! (Valid for new customers only & you must cancel your pro plan before the 30 days is up to avoid any fees!)

Note: They do offer a free account as well, but in order to get access to thousands of their premium images, templates, their content planner & brand kit, background remover for photos, among other great features, you must have the PRO version. (It’s SO worth it for any designer, crafter, or small business owner!!)

This post contains affiliate links, which means we may be compensated (at no extra cost to you!) when purchases are made through our links. Thak you for supporting our crafting community! See our privacy policy for more info.

To try out CANVA PRO for free for 30 days CLICK HERE or click the ad below!


1. Open Canva & click the purple “Create A Design” button in the top right corner of their site. Choose your template size (or manually enter in your own size).
TIP: Unless you are going to use the entire design in design space, the size of your template doesn’t matter, because you can easily remove the background & only your image will save!
(SVG’S are high quality images that will remain clear when made bigger or smaller so for an SVG sizing doesn’t usually matter)

2. Make your design! Have fun, be creative, & explore all their tools to make your design as amazing as possible!

3. Once you are satisfied with your design/image, click the WHITE “Share” button in the top right corner and scroll down & click “Download”.

4. Scroll through the image formats options & select SVG. Make sure “transparent background” has a check next to it, unless you want your entire image to be used!
Your screen should like the screen shown below:

5. Click the PURPLE “Download” button.

6. After you see the image was successfully downloaded to your computer, open up Design Space & click “New Project” (or open an existing project where you want the image to be used.

7. Click “Upload” (the last option across the left sidebar) as circled in the pic below:

8. Find the image you just downloaded and select it.

9. If your image looks the way you want it to, name it, and click the GREEN “Upload” button as circled in the pic below:

10. Now your image should be the first image listed under your “Upload Images” screen.

11. Select your image (there will be a green box around your image if it’s properly selected shown by the arrow below) and click the GREEN “Add to Canvas” button as circled in the image below:

Now you image should be successfully uploaded into your canvas like shown in the example below:

12. Now if you were to just go straight to the “Make It” screen from here, your image may end up looking a mess on the mat like the image shown below:

If this happens, simply go BACK to your canvas, select everything you want to be grouped together (either the whole image or done in sections) & click “ATTACH” from the edit options on the right sidebar as circled in the pic below:

13. Now your image should look how you want it to cut on the mat & it’s ready for tou to start cutting & creating!!!

This is how your “prepare” screen should look like (but with your image instead):


If you want to SAVE any image as an SVG, simply upload it to your design in CANVA & follow the same process to SAVE it as an SVG (or other popular picture formats!)

Any questions, comments, or concerns, send us an e-mail at

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SoFontsy Spring Farmhouse Bundle

Looking for the perfect spring, easter, or farmhouse home decor SVG’s? Well you are in luck! This bundle is PERFECT for making that spring farmhouse decor, easter projects, porch/home decor signs, & the beautiful fonts included can pretty much be used to make anything!!

This amazing bundle is valued at almost $140 & it is
on sale for $14.99 until 3/21/22!

This post contains some of our affiliate links, which means that if you click our links and make a purchase, we receive a commission (at no extra cost to you). For more info see our privacy policy.


This bundle includes 5 farmhouse fonts & it also includes 152 Farmhouse designs including:

  • Half sunflower design bundle
  • SO MANY Farmhouse images
  • So many beautiful spring decor SVG’s
  • Bee SVG bundle
  • 42 different wreath designs (PERFECT FOR KEYCHIANS! To get blank keychains see the link below)
  • Easter/Easter rustic SVG’s
  • “Hello Spring” signs
  • Porch/deck decor signs
  • Farmer SVG Bundle
  • & much more!

All of their SVG’s & fonts come with:

  • Commerical license (meaning you can make a profit off the items you make with the designs, to see more about licensing click here to see our post about SVG licensing with over 80 free SVG sites included!)
  • All popular image formats (SVG, PNG, JPEG, etc)
  • PDF file with easy-to-read guide with all files/images included

SoFontsy was generous enough to provide us with this bundle for free so we could test it out & let you all know our honest opinion & let’s just say, WE ARE IMPRESSED!

Bundles are a GREAT way to get multiple different design bundles & fonts together in one great package! Plus they are usually very heavily discounted compared to their actual value!

Check out this simple & beautiful home decor piece that we made with a cutting board from dollar tree using one of the images in this bundle!

Stay tuned for our tutorial how to download & unzip these files to be able to use in design space or SoFontsy’s website also has several step by step directions on how to do this! Click here to check out all their tutorials (scroll to the bottom for the unzip tutorial).

Click here To Check Out The Farmhouse Bundle!
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New to Cricut? Beginner tips, tricks, hacks and must-haves!

Starting out with a Cricut machine can be intimidating! But we are here to help!! We have gathered a list of all our best tips, tricks, hacks, and must-haves for beginners and experts alike! Feel free to submit your own tips & tricks to our e-mail ( for them to possibly be added! Or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message us!!

Note: This post contains some of our affiliate links. This simply means when you make a purchase through our links, we make a commission (at no extra cost to you). As an Amazon associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Visit our privacy policy for more info.

Beginners Guide to Starting Out with a Cricut Machine!

  • Don’t pay in store prices for vinyl, you can get it way cheaper online!
  • Go to Expressions Vinyl for all your adhesive vinyl needs! (Cheap, great quality, super-fast shipping, great customer service, a great rewards program, & so many beautiful patterns & colors options to choose from!) Click here to shop EV.
  • Get all HTV (iron on vinyl) from HTVRont! Great prices, amazing color selection, bundles, free images & fonts for members (free to join). Click here to shop HTVRONT.
  • Get off-brand mats from Amazon (Xinart & ECraft are good brands, just pay attention to ratings and read reviews)
  • You want to get a few STANDARD GRIP (GREEN), LIGHTGRIP MATS (BLUE), possibly a STRONG GRIP MAT (PURPLE) (& a FABRIGRIP (PINK) mat if your planning on cutting fabric materials.)
  • Do an amazon search for off-brand pens if Cricut’s aren’t on sale (see above about reading reviews)
  • Invest in some cardstock paper (Michaels, Joanne’s, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Target, & Amazon all have good quality paper for pretty cheap)
  • Cricut offers free classes on their website! Click here to check Cricut’s page to see all their FREE classes available!!
  • Download the FREE design space app and play around with it. Click each button and see what every button does. Insert a simple shape (free without an Access subscription) and just click each button and test them out! Click the ad below to get an access subscription!
  • If your on a budget, Dollar Tree has a ton of good Cricut (hack) items! They have spatulas, scrapers, & the weeding tool (all 3 for less than $4!) which are the basic tools that come in the Cricut starter kit that’s around $7-8!
  • Dollar tree also sells these “snack containers in the baby aisle that are perfect for your weeding scraps. & In the nail polish aisle, they have this silicone bottle (that’s meant for nail polish remover) & its perfect to out alcohol in to use cotton rounds to clean off your projects before applying vinyl!
  • Dollar tree also sells shower racks that hold about 5 rolls of vinyl per rack (put a few together with zip ties and you can make a longer rack that holds much more rolls!)
    Hang your mats on the wall for easy and quick storage using the black binder clips (also found at DT!)
  • Use a binder with clear sheet protectors to store your vinyl scraps & separate by color for easy organization
  • Walmart has an iron (steamfast 727) for under $14 that’s small & works great for iron on (big designs have to be done in sections)
  • EXTRA TIP: parchment paper works perfect as a barrier between your iron & the vinyl AVOID using an ironing board underneath, instead use a hard surface with a towel underneath your garment to be ironed on! (You can buy this at Dollar Tree!)
  • Five Below has a LED light pad for $8 that helps so much with weeding small lines! (Amazon has some for anywhere from $20-30)
Click HERE to Shop All LED lightpad’s on Amazon
  • You can get blank items perfect for personalization from places like AMAZON, Dollar Tree, & Walmart for cheap!
  • Keychains are super easy & fun to make & they make perfect gifts!
Click Here To Shop Acrylic Keychains on Amazon

We hope this list helped!! We will be adding more as we find them! Happy Crafting!

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Where to get FREE SVG’S & Fonts

One of the most commonly asked questions we see in all of the Cricut Facebook groups that we are in is asking for “picture dumps” (or picture collections of images that they plan to use in design space) And although we have been able to manually “clean up” a good handful of the images that we have found on FB & google, it won’t work for many of those images.

When you download an SVG file directly from a website, it’ll also come already separated by layers of color, so after you inzip the file, it’s ready for you to cut with your Cricut!

(We will be posting a step by step tutorial on how to download these svgs, “unzip” them on your computer, and upload them into Design Space very soon, so keep an eye on the blog posts!)

If you go to the sites listed below & search for what you are looking for, chances are good you will find any image or font for free that your crafting heart desires!

Don’t forget if you are a Cricut access member, they have thousands of images and fonts included with your subscription!

Not an access member? Click here to join!

So what exactly is an SVG?

SVG=Scalable Vector Graphics is an image format for two-dimensional graphics. SVG images are defined in a vector graphics format and stored in XML text files and the file name will end in .svg.

SVG’s are one of the main file format that is accepted to use within Design Space (the design program that you use with your Cricut machines). This is because SVG’s are high quality images & they maintain their high quality even when made bigger or smaller. (JPEG, PNG & other file formats will become pixelated once you change the sizing or adjust the image)

All these links below are for websites or blogs that offer free SVG’s for your Cricut or other cutting machine! There’s also tons of great resources on some of those sites like project ideas, tutorials, DIY stuff, & more!

Please note that some of these websites require you to make a (FREE) account in order to get access to their files, some will send you a “password” to get access to their free images, and some will send the freebies right to your inbox!

Also note that most of these sites do offer paid SVG images & fonts as well, but we are only including sites on this list that also offer free stuff as well! (We have personally checked each of these sites listed to confirm that each one of them have “freebies”!)

PLEASE READ: Make sure you pay attention to the licensing agreement on each product/site. Keep in mind that many of the free images found on these sites come with only a personal use license, but you can purchase a commercial license for almost every image. Just read each websites “privacy policy” for specifics!

Most common types of licenses:

Commercial use-you can use the design on a product and sell it for a profit/make money on it. Please note each companies policy when it comes to licensing because some of them offer limited amount of items made with their commercial license.

Limited commercial use-you can make a specified amount of this design to sell it. You can find specifics in the fine print when it tells you the licensing agreement.

Personal use-you can use the design ONLY for personal use. Meaning you can make items using the image or font for yourself, or for gifts to friends & family. You cannot legally make money on this design without purchasing the “commercial license” or getting specific permission from the artist/designer/website. Note: Most “personal use” designs come with the option to purchase the “commercial” license to be able to legally sell the design!


Creative Fabrica
Crella Marketplace

These are affiliate links, for more info see our privacy policy.


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Welcome to our new HOMEpage!

Hello beautiful crafters!

Some of you may know us, some may not! We are Maci & Mark and together we make up”Mark Your Worth Creations”. We are just your ordinary couple who loves to craft! We are both very knowledgeable with tons of craft things from Cricut machines, woodburning, resin art, paper crafts, & much more! We hope this site will become your favorite Cricut & craft resource out there! Our hope is to teach everyone as much Cricut & craft related thinsg that we can, while filling everyones home with beautiful homeade decor items!


MARK Perez- Mark has always been very talented at artwork from drawing, sketching, even painting. He has extensive knowledge in marketing and business. He plans to obtain a business & marketing degree in the near future. Mark wants to take his knowledge of calligraphy, and drawing to everyone with the goal of helping everyone find their “true inner artist”!

Maci WORTH-Maci has always had a love for crafting starting at a young age making jewelry & painting. She is currently in college working towards a degree in mental health services. Maci has always been very skilled with technology, so she has decided to take her extensive knowledge about Cricut machines & crafts in general & that’s where the idea of this blog was born!


Our name was the product of hours of combining & playing around with our names, & finally, “Mark Your Worth” was born! We decided to create this business to make a better life for our family, which includes our five year old son, Noah. Together, we have taken our hobby and love for everything arts & crafts related, and that’s how this website, blog, & company truly started

We will be updating this site frequently! Don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay up to date on all the craft news, coupons, DIY tutorials, & much more!

Our inbox is always open if anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns!


Happy Crafting!

Maci & Mark